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Our inspiring journey began last year when a representative from  an UK organization, that subsequently became our good friend,  came to our high school in Romania and enabled us to explore working in video production, journalism and performing arts.

At the time, we were unaware that the project was to change lives.  Many of us hadn’t encountered any such similar experiences.

Throughout this project, we learnt to dream and dare to believe in our dreams. More than that, we learned that we have the duty to help others to believe in their dream.

O u r   M o t t o   i s   “Y o u”.   W h a t’ s   y o u r s?

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Crowdfunding Campaign

Your support in this crowdfunding campaign will help us with the purchase of the much-needed equipment so that we can deliver the performances that would strengthen our efforts and raise the volume of our voice against human trafficking.
If you can’t make a financial contribution, you can still help by:
– Getting the word out to your friends, family or other people that might be interested in becoming contributors to this project;
– Sharing our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.

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  • Phone: RO +40 761 323 292
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