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Championship Name Phone E-mail
General Producer Michael Marshall 0754 437 022
Executive Producer Paula Bennett
Drama Director Geanina H.
Film Director
Stephan Bear
Choreographer Carola Brown
Specialist in Folklore Doina Isfanone
Researcher Malcolm McNab 07763670668
Traditional Dans Jimmy Crow
Graham Brunton Dancer 01383 720046
Renny Thomson Dancer
Willie Greig Dancer 01337 831952
Rob McKinna Dancer
Gordon Hay Dancer
Ian Afek Dancer
Ian Sharp Dancer
Kevin Pick Dancer 0131332 5587
Jim Moir Dancer
Jim Redpath Dancer
Jackie Spencer Dancer
Pauline McCann Dancer
Heather Brunton Dancer 01383 424046
Sara Stewart Dancer
Name Position Telephone Email
Sandy Denham Drummer
Barrie Scott & Co. Accountants Drummer
Heather Brunton Drummer  0722 720046
Kevin Pick Drummer 0131 332 8453
Graham Brunton Drummer 0777 816 9512
Steve burns
Bernard buss
Hugh McCaig
Andrew Morrison
Gareth Davies

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As a film company production based in Scotland, we can offer a wide range of services, including TV and online advertising, corporate video, events, training and information film, motion graphics and animation and video tutorials. Teamwork is highly important for us and we believe it is the key to our success. Together, we can achieve the best results on time and always within your budget.

Our MOTTO is YOU. What’s YOURS?

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  • MottoYou Productions

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  • MottoYou Productions

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